Introducing Mexico’s first bank for Foreign Residents and visitors:
We speak the same language, we offer tailor-made financial products and we provide preferential treatment at our branch offices.
Preferred Customer’s Unit is a division of BBVA Bancomer, one of the most solid and important financial groups in Mexico, with 80 years of experience, and part of BBVA, the international financial
conglomerate with more than 35 million clients worldwide in 22 countries.
Our objective is to offer you the service and attention that you deserve
and expect. For this reason, the Preferred Customers’ Unit has
implemented several new services designed to make your banking
experience a quick, safe and easy process. By signing up, you will
receive the Preferred Customer Card when acquiring any of our banking
products such as the Bancomer Checking Account, Bancomer Debit Card,
Platinum Credit Card, Bancomer Insurance, Bancomer Mutual Funds, and more!
Preferred Customer Card
The Preferred Customer Card, enables you to use our Preferente tellers at any Bancomer branch (there are more than 1,700 nationwide), where you will both save time and receive preferential treatment.
  Personal Account Executive
You are assigned a Personal Account Executive whose job it is to provide all the banking and financial advice you require and promptly tend to all your needs regarding our products, services and solutions.
Preferential Treatment at Branch Offices and
You will receive fast and prioritized attention for all the transactions that you choose to execute at our branch offices, and will have access to our safe and efficient online electronic banking service which allows you to make transfers between your accounts, to third party accounts (including accounts at other banks), pay utility bills, make online investments and much more!
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